Case Studies

Global Change, Leadership and Sales Development Partner

Edgeverve is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys ($9Bn) based in Bangalore, which delivers innovative financial technology solutions and digital cloud based platforms. We were engaged in 2015 to help the senior leadership team to engage with the business to implement cultural and operational changes required to move it from a services operation and mindset to being a product solution focused business. This has involved us helping the Top 60 Leaders define a Transformation Map and working with the Change Leadership Team in implementing an integrated 6 workstream change programme. Our change and leadership work to date has included leading the design and implementation of a new Solution Focused Selling Framework globally to deliver a consultative sales approach which has improved the engagement levels with clients and prospects, a better understanding of their needs and delivering better solutions.   

Solution Sales and Leadership Development Partner

Formerly known as Voicenet Solutions, 8x8 is a leading European provider of unified cloud based communications solutions, who have delivered impressive year on year growth since 2004, winning many quality awards along the way, before being acquired by 8x8, Inc. in December 2013. We were engaged in 2011 to work with the Directors to create a new "Solution Sales Framework" to support their new strategy of delivering sector based communication solutions. Over the past 5 years we have delivered interactive sales workshops to their sales teams and helped in setting up a Sales Academy which trains and invests in their Partners to raise their capability in selling solutions. In 2015 we were engaged in delivering Leadership Development Programme to invest in their high potentials and continue the year on year growth of the business.

Culture Change and Leadership Development Partner

ARCADIS is an international company which delivers consulting, design, engineering and management services for infrastructure, environment and buildings. In the UK ARCADIS had grown through organic growth and numerous acquisitions but were not operating as one company and had been hit hard by the recession. We were engaged by the Board to help them lead an engagement and transition programme across the UK to create a single leadership statement which defined a new vision, values, and destination culture. This partnership was extended to designing and delivering a senior leadership development programme aligned to business change and improvement projects which were delivered over a two year period.

Leadership Development and Culture Change Partner

British Sugar is a leading global sugar producers, employing 42,000 people in 10 countries. In the UK, it produces around 1 million tonnes of sugar from 7 million tonnes of sugar beet from 4 factories and a workforce of around 1,000. As part of the GEARS change programme, they wanted to energise and develop key talent within the middle to senior management teams. We were engaged to help design a tailored accredited ILM Leadership and Management Programme for the 120 high potential employees to enable them to assist the Board in driving through much needed changes. As part of the applied learning process it also involved alignment to the £1M Challenge per annum of business improvements from each cohort going through the programme over a three year period. This partnership extended to designing and delivering a Values in Action programme to ensure there was measurement of how things were done in addition to what was done.

Front Line Leadership Development Partner

Bombardier is a global leader in the aerospace and transportation sectors with over 80 production and engineering sites worldwide in 26 countries. Over the last three years we have been engaged to provide them with a tailored ILM Leadership Programmes followed by bespoke solutions to improve the front line leadership and teams operating within the London Underground and National Rail networks. This investment has led to measurable improvements in ways or working, performance measures, operational efficiency and customer service levels.

Leadership Development and Change Partner

As one of the world's leading companies providing seed solutions to problems like crop yield and seed survival rates, Germains has a global reach and international reputation. It is part of AB Sugar and Associated British Foods. Over the last four years we have worked to design and deliver a tailored Management Development Programme developing the organisation's leaders. This partnership has now been extended to us providing individual development, assisting R&D to implement culture change to improve innovation, and delivering bite-sized learning solutions aligned to the changing business requirements. This has contributed to Germains' dramatic increase in performance and continued strengthening of the business.

Global Leadership Development Partner

Element 6 is the world's leading industrial diamond manufacturer, one of the Anglo American and DeBeers' Family of Companies. It uses artificial diamonds in many different ways, such as drill bits, cutting tools, and other industrial and medical uses. We have been providing consulting services to help them build a new Learning and Development Framework. This has led to us designing and delivering a range of learning solutions for senior and front line leaders across the global organisation to help them deliver change and business improvements to support the desired change required. Our bespoke leadership programmes have been delivered globally working with the internal talent teams which has helped them develop a new leadership culture and drive key change projects which has delivered measurable business benefits to the business.

Front Line Leaders Programme

John Dennis Coachbuilders is the UK leader in the design and build of vehicle bodies for the UK Fire Service, Community, Health and Safety services. We were engaged to design and deliver a tailored bite-sized Front Line Leaders Programme to fit around their busy production schedule. Our focus was on helping them improve their key operational measures and quality levels through an applied learning approach. We are proud to say that it led to significant improvements in morale, employee engagement and production performance.

Leadership Development and Culture Change Partner

Vivergo Fuels was formed in 2007 as part of an exciting Joint Venture between three companies namely BP, British Sugar and DuPont. It was created to deliver an advanced technological bio-refinery at Saltend near Hull and makes it the 5th largest ethanol producer in Europe. We were engaged to create a tailored programme that would deliver the leadership behaviours and team management capability required for this high profile start up manufacturing business. It was designed around the practical leadership needs of Operational Managers working with 24/7 shift patterns and teams. This led to a step change in the performance levels of each team following the completion of this programme showing measurable returns on investment.


"I had the pleasure of working through a senior leadership program with Adrian’s coaching and mentorship. From the first meeting I was struck by Adrian’s energy and passion as well as his uncanny ability to get straight to the heart of the matter under discussion. I particularly appreciated the way he rooted out and insisted on dealing with uncomfortable realities when necessary. His knowledge and understanding of leadership theory and practice are extensive and he is able to apply the same easily in fluid situations. Adrian also supported some of my staff in related leadership programs and the feedback I have matches my own experience. I strongly recommend Adrian as a change and leadership facilitator, trainer and coach."

Iain Goudemond, Operations Manager, Element Six

"Adrian is an inspirational leader, coach and facilitator who worked with our team at P2P over the course of a year. During and after a series of workshops, coaching sessions and the development of our Leadership Charter we saw a huge positive impact throughout the ourganisation as well as with external stakeholders."

Rich Mullens, Managing Director, P2P Direct


"Adrian is an inspirational individual who has the ability to nurture at any business level. Since working with Adrian there has been a marked improvement in our vision and success"

Gary Pryor, Cororate Sales Director, 8x8