Our Services

We see ourselves as a niche brand which focuses on providing adaptive leadership, change and cultural change solutions using our corporate experience as business leaders with our expertise in people and business development. Our service offering is targeted at providing you with applied learning, ideas and initiatives that will have a positive impact on how people work together and perform.

Our expertise is in working with Board and Senior Leaders to create individual and team development journeys aligned to the changes you need to improve the leadership culture and delivering measurable growth in performance. Our solutions involve us working with you to understand your business, strategy and desired objectives then developing bespoke programmes of applied learning on real business scenarios using our wealth of experience and tools, each selected for the purpose at hand.

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We believe that building trust is the cornerstone of the effectiveness in our relationships which makes it a vital commercial commodity for any business. Trust levels within an organisation provides a useful insight into the internal dynamics and dominant logics of the current culture. Research shows that low levels of trust has a negative impact on performance. Hierarchical leadership creates compliance while an adaptive system leadership creates adaptive cultures. We have built a range of tried and tested organisational development solutions developed through years of real time application to help you to get right the heart of organisational behaviour and develop a destination culture aligned to your vision, purpose and strategy.

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Change is always the last item on the list, and because of this, 9 times out of 10, done badly. Failing to plan for and execute change well is basically planning to put your business through some very difficult times. It’s a leadership issue: our methods and processes create ‘freedom in the framework’ for your business to enable an adaptive leadership culture and change mindset to meet the demands of the age of authenticity which organisations now operate.

We provide a model that involves the integration of Change, Culture, and Leadership as the primary drivers of business purpose and performance, which creates an adaptive change approach within your business, eliminating the need for future massive change programmes.

  • Behavioural Frameworks
  • Cultural Change
  • Client Focus Frameworks
  • Diagnosis
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Development
  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Leading Clarity - Vision & Values
  • Leading Culture - Values into Action
  • Leading Change - Business Transition
  • Leading Connections - Communications
  • Leadership Development
  • Operational and Team Development
  • Individual Impact
  • Coaching
  • High Potential Development
  • Leadership Modelling
  • Leadership Profiling and Recruitment
  • Talent Assessment and Development
  • Team Working Methodology
  • Talent Pipelines Development

Some Tools Used