Front Line Leadership Development Partner

Bombardier is a global leader in the aerospace and transportation sectors with over 80 production and engineering sites worldwide in 26 countries. Over the last three years we have been engaged to provide them with a tailored ILM Leadership Programmes followed by bespoke solutions to improve the front line leadership and teams operating within the London Underground and National Rail networks. This investment has led to measurable improvements in ways or working, performance measures, operational efficiency and customer service levels.

"Right from the start, Cultivate Talent impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results that we were looking for. I also appreciated the fact that Adrian took time to learn about our business in detail and produced several bespoke training packages all built around staff development and project improvement. His experience and people development work have been invaluable. I am looking forward to working with Adrian on more projects in the future."

Christopher Quinby, UK Resource Manager Bombardier


"I had the pleasure of working through a senior leadership program with Adrian’s coaching and mentorship. From the first meeting I was struck by Adrian’s energy and passion as well as his uncanny ability to get straight to the heart of the matter under discussion. I particularly appreciated the way he rooted out and insisted on dealing with uncomfortable realities when necessary. His knowledge and understanding of leadership theory and practice are extensive and he is able to apply the same easily in fluid situations. Adrian also supported some of my staff in related leadership programs and the feedback I have matches my own experience. I strongly recommend Adrian as a change and leadership facilitator, trainer and coach."

Iain Goudemond, Operations Manager, Element Six

"Adrian is an inspirational leader, coach and facilitator who worked with our team at P2P over the course of a year. During and after a series of workshops, coaching sessions and the development of our Leadership Charter we saw a huge positive impact throughout the ourganisation as well as with external stakeholders."

Rich Mullens, Managing Director, P2P Direct


"Adrian is an inspirational individual who has the ability to nurture at any business level. Since working with Adrian there has been a marked improvement in our vision and success"

Gary Pryor, Cororate Sales Director, 8x8